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We are deckend! We inspire creatives to design unique skateboard products and will help bringing these to life! Together with the creative community (you!) we want to create skateboard products that people love.

In this very first deckend skateboard design contest we'd like to get to know you... our brand new deckend creative community. This means, it's gonna be a free-for-all! No rules... complete creative freedom! Take this opportunity to introduce yourself through your design. Make it unique, make it personal. This is the perfect opportunity to show your style and start building a following, a fan-base, the people that will skate your awesome deck design once it hits the shop!

The very first deckend contest had an amazing amount of submissions and the bar is set high! The judges had a hard time selecting the winners, but here we go!

1. “Another Dimension” by @balzesm
2. “Empathy” by @ACULSW
3. “Tiger Mandala” by @GODZILLARGE
4. “Dragon Sea” by @dabelyu
5. “Netzuko Hypebeast” by @MB_design1992
6. ”Rise of Cthulhu” by @heretikagrafik
7. “Youth Culture” by @Dwi Tiar
8. “DEVVI” by @saraswati
9. “Monster Power” by @Deeka
10. “The Lover Boi” by @Sunjid Aldionsyah


Since we're all new here, let's get to know each other a bit better. And through our skateboard designs, let's present ourselves to the world. The goals are: create amazing skateboard design, share it with friends/family/followers and get those positive ratings going.

Contest details


  • closed

  • 192 designs submitted

Prize pool

  • €500 cash
  • €1000 deckend gift cards
  • 10x winning decks
  • 20x deckend sketch book

Design files

Submission terms

Please read our submission submission terms and conditions carefully before submitting your design. It’s very short, easy to read and important!