Free for all

We are deckend! We inspire creatives to design unique skateboard products and help bring these to life! Together with the creative community (you!) we want to create skateboard products that people love.

As a follow-up to our first deckend “Build your brand”-contest, we came up with something new and exciting. At this point we got to meet so many great designers, each with his/her own style, submitting more than 250 designs already!
With our Featured skateshop and Designer skateshop open for business, we want to give everyone the opportunity to fill up their shops with as many deck designs as you like with the ultimate goal to boost your sales!

Upload your design to the deckend platform, share it with your following and try to get those 5-star ratings. The judges will pick 5 winners out of the highest rated designs and they will be awarded with over €1000,- worth of prizes.

Another deckend contest, another 67 amazing new skateboard design submissions. A big thanks to all participants, as the quality of design work is increasing with every contest. The judges have spoken and the 5 winning designs are as follows:

1. “Don'tBeSadJustGoSkate” by @hmelop⁠
2. “Free for All” by @Goodink
3. “Our Joy” by @AwasLepas
4. “Trippy Landscape” by @yogisnanda⁠
5. “Eden's Hightower” by @stu.pit⁠


Again, it’s a free-for-all! No rules... complete creative freedom! Make it unique, make it personal, make it awesome! Fill up your shop with amazing deck designs and share it with the world. Build a following, a fan-base and make sure they ride your boards!

Contest details


  • closed

  • 67 designs submitted

Prize pool

  • €250 cash
  • €350 deckend gift cards
  • 6x winning decks
  • 10x deckend sketch book

Design files

  • Contest brief and guidelines.pdf


Submission terms

Please read our submission submission terms and conditions carefully before submitting your design. It’s very short, easy to read and important!