We are deckend. We inspire creatives to design unique skateboard products through (branded) design contests and will help bringing these to life, creating superior quality skateboard products that people love.

Join our branded/themed skateboard design contest by uploading your amazing skateboard designs. Share them with your friends/family/following and collect as many 5-star ratings as possible. From the highest rated designs, our judges will pick a contest winner whom will receive cash, prizes and more! Eventually, all designs submitted to the deckend platform will be turned into skateboard decks and sold through the deckend shop. And for each board sold, the designer will receive sales royalties!

Choose a deckend design contest Every few weeks there will be a new skateboard design contest launching on the deckend platform. These contests will be themed, to provide creatives with some direction and inspiration for coming up with their skateboard design. Besides the ongoing deckend contest (where you have a lot of creative freedom) there will also be occasional "branded" contests in collaboration with awesome brands. These brands will ask the deckend community to design a skateboard around their brand or company. All contests follow the same concept, they just have a different creative brief.

Design a skateboard on deckend This is where you do your magic! Just go crazy! There are no limits here. Use whatever tool, method or technique you're comfortable with to create your design. Creativity is key to stand out from the crowd. The only thing we ask from you is to stick as close to the creative brief as possible. We provide assets and design templates from the most common creative tools, but you don't have to use these. As long as you can deliver your final design according to our file specifications.

Upload your design to deckend When you're happy with your design and ready to show it to the world, prepare the digital file according to our specifications and export accordingly. Use the upload form for the contest that you want to submit your design to, to send it in for inspection. Make sure you give it a nice title and description...you want it to stand out from the other designs! It usually takes just a few hours for your design to be approved for publication, and you're live!

Share your deckend design Once your design is live, you want to gather as many (high!) ratings as you can. This is where you gather your friends, family and fans. This is where you share your design to your social channels through the share buttons provided. Everyone can rate your design once, following our 1 to 5 rating system. And of course, you'll want those 5-star ratings to make it to the top spot!

Win prizes on deckend Make it rain! Scrooge McDuckin'! Lambo! No...seriously. If you're one of the top picks in a specific contest, you'll win cash, prizes and other cool stuff! Believe us, it's worth it. And even if you're not a contest winner, you can still make money from sales royalties when your design will get produced and hits the shop. And the good thing is, EVERY design will end up in the shop...your shop! You can run your own skateboard brand or skateshop from the deckend website without having to worry about production, stock, etc. The dirty work is all done by us. You just have to keep making those amazing designs and start selling them.