Ongoing 2022

We are deckend! We inspire creatives to design unique skateboard products and help bring these to life! Together with the creative community (you!) we want to create skateboard products that people love.

We’re taking “creative freedom” to yet another level. In the deckend “Ongoing 2022” contest it’s not about us, it’s all about you. You can now freely upload your designs to the deckend platform and stock your deckend skateshop. Use your own style, your own ideas and even your own logo!
Take this opportunity to design the decks that you (and your following) like, build your skateboard brand and stock your deckend shop with some amazing decks!

Upload your design to the deckend platform, share it with your following and try to get those 5-star ratings. The judges will pick new winners out of the highest rated designs every week. Winners will be awarded with cash, gift cards, decks and their products will be included in the deckend featured shop, where you will get amazing royalties on every deck sale!


For this one, you don’t need us to inspire you. It’s not about what we like, it’s about what you want to create for your following. Make the products that you’re followers have been waiting for, the decks that they want to ride!

Contest details


  • closed

  • 102 designs submitted

Prize pool

  • €500 cash
  • €1750 deckend gift cards
  • 35x winning decks
  • 35x deckend sketch book

Design files

  • Contest brief and guidelines.pdf


Submission terms

Please read our submission submission terms and conditions carefully before submitting your design. It’s very short, easy to read and important!