We are HEY YUM! We do yummilicious organic candy. Because we think a bit of what you love makes life good, we’re here to redefine candy and offer the world an alternative - one that is ORGANIC, unjunked and just better. We’ve done this by cooking up a recipy for soft, chewy goodies without the baddies.

We would love you guys to design the perfect HEY YUM! board for us. One that is funky, unique, cool, has a street kind of vibe that makes you smile and one that stands out! We would like you to use the HEY YUM! logo and include our illustrations in whatever way you think will make for the most awesome design.

Upload your design to the deckend platform, share it with your following and try to get those 5-star ratings. The judges will pick 10 winners out of the highest rated designs and they will be awarded with over €1500,- worth of prizes.

We had a total of 62 super awesome submissions for the Yummilicious contest! Hats off to all participants for creating such nice skateboard designs around the HEY YUM! brand. Through a combination of community ratings and deckend x HEY YUM! judges, the 10 winning designs are as follows:

2. “Candy Soul” by @Deeka
3. “sweet girl” by @wiraa
4. “Love Spring Deck” by @lowpro
5. “The Last Triassic” by @AwasLepas
6. ”Geoyumtricks” by @wedhoz
7. “Cloud Nine” by @franswarih
8. “Funny Stack” by @yogisnanda
9. “Yum Yum Nom Nom” by @hmelop
10. “Land in the City” by @madydrawings


On every bag of HEY YUM! candy you will find small illustrations, like butterflies, dinos, rabbits, fish, etc. We would love these type of illustrations to be part of the design!
We also have a strong preference for those bold black and white illustrations. But don’t limit yourself in your creativity as we’re also looking for your personal “twist”.

Contest details


  • closed

  • 62 designs submitted

Prize pool

  • €500 cash
  • €250 deckend gift cards
  • 10x HEY YUM! goodie box
  • 6x winning decks

Design files

Submission terms

Please read our submission submission terms and conditions carefully before submitting your design. It’s very short, easy to read and important!