Skatepark Utrecht (SPU) is thé indoor skatepark of the city of Utrecht and has been supporting the city’s skateboard community since 2012. At Skatepark Utrecht, we organise events and skateboard lessons for all age groups. And at the SPU skateshop you can buy new decks and other gear.

For the SPU skateshop we’re looking to add some new, unique skateboard decks designed around our Skatepark Utrecht brand. For this, we would like to ask the help of the deckend designer community.

Upload your design to the deckend platform, try to get those 5-star ratings by sharing it with your following. The judges will pick 5 winners out of the highest rated designs and they will be awarded with over €1000,- worth of prizes!

It was a lot of fun going through the 42 amazing submissions for the Undi-SPU-ted contest! A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who took the time to participate! Through a combination of community ratings and deckend x skateparkutrecht judges, the 5 winning designs are as follows:

1. ““Keep Rollin'” by @najaboyce
2. ““Let's Skate” by @Isabelle
3. ““Skate City Utrecht” by @Roodondendron⁠
4. ““It's Possible” by @ACULSW
5. ““Alfabet” by @Jermaine Hoebink⁠


We are open to any type of design! Just make sure it’s kid friendly, but not childish. These decks should appeal to both the younger and older skaters that visit SPU. You can explore any creative style and use whatever medium you prefer, whether it’s pencil drawing or photography.
Think out of the box, but make sure you include the “Skatepark Utrecht” or “SPU” logo! (If you use the “SPU” logo, please also include the text “skatepark Utrecht” somewhere.

Check our Instagram (@skateparkutrecht), Youtube (@skateparkutrechtchannel) or our website www.skateparkutrecht.nl for more inspiration.

Contest details


  • closed

  • 42 designs submitted

Prize pool

  • €250 cash
  • €200 deckend gift cards
  • 3x winning decks
  • 3x 10-entry ticket for SPU
  • 3x SPU t-shirt

Design files

Submission terms

Please read our submission submission terms and conditions carefully before submitting your design. It’s very short, easy to read and important!